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Codigion is the software company in Shillong, for Consulting and Software Development. The objective of Codigion is to provide distinguished and finest services across Desktop Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, AI Application Development and Web Security among all the software companies in Shillong. Our vision is to extend these unmatched services across the globe where technology can contribute its part for a better world through Codigion.

Desktop Application Development

Desktop Application Development | Software Development Company in Shillong

Codigion is one of the few software companies in Shillong that provides consultation and development services with utmost quality. Our team for the Desktop Application Development has rich real-time experience in various MNCs across India and abroad. Our approach for the Desktop Application Development is dynamic - We opt the development cycle tailored for a given project, meeting all the project specifications, unlike any other software company in Shillong.

Our research team closely analyzes the project specifications in order to lock in the development paradigm and the language that fits. One of the mottos of Codigion is to provide the best services to the customers with very basic or even without any knowledge in software development. As long as the specifications and requirements of the application software are clear, the customer need not worry about the technicalities of the application.

Our works involve mostly in C#, Java and Python for Desktop Application Development, which makes us a potentially competitive software company in Shillong. Alongside the native libraries, third party libraries are also used for development, for which we ensure that the licenses of these libraries can be purchased. Once the project is completed and delivered, the customer owns the 100% rights over the software. On the other hand, support to the customer is provided for lifetime for all the problems that occur in a defined scope.

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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development | Software Development Company in Shillong

Codigion never misses a chance to be up-to-date with technology and Mobile Application Development is not an exclusion. Android, iOS or Windows - you choose and we do it for you. As long as you have a clear list of requirement, you’re just a few steps away for people using your mobile application. We can help you demystify all you ambiguities among native mobile applications, web applications, hybrid mobile applications and cross platform applications based upon the requirements.

With Mobile Application Development as one of its major assets of development, Codigion stands out-of-box among all the software companies in Shillong. Based upon the specifications of the project, our expert team chooses the frontend and backend tools that suits perfectly. Our works are usually developed in .Net, Java, PHP or Python for backend development. Once the application is developed, it will be submitted in the respective app store for free of cost. This is the service which no other software company in Shillong provides; hence choose wisely.

Every project we undertake are segregated into certain milestones and updates on these milestones are synchronized with the customer. Towards the end of the project, all the documentation related to the project, the proprietary rights of the project, and the licenses and the copyrights of the project are discharged to the customer. At the time of project delivery, a scope is set for support, where the support is valid for lifetime and can be opted out whenever the customer wishes.

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Website and Application Development

Website and Web Application Development |  | Software Development Company in Shillong

Codigion’s own website is the perfect example for its capability in Website Application Development. The ability of developing SEO friendly websites is what making Codigion stand in top position among the software companies in Shillong. Our works involve in PHP, ASP, JSP and JavaScript for Website and Application Development.

The completed coding is done with making it effective with underlying SEO parameters. Our team of web development experts are very well aware of the parameters affecting the ranking of a website in the search results. The target of Codigion in Website and Application Development is to develop most possible responsive websites, keeping the SEO attributes intact. Our customers are very happy for the amusing results in search engine ranking faster, when compared to that of the products from other software companies in Shillong.

Alongside developing a website with given specifications, we also provide custom emails, domains and hosting services at a nominal fee. Not just an SEO friendly website but also content is what makes a website complete. Though Codigion does not provide any content services, we outsource content development at very reasonable and affordable prices. Our outsourcing team consists of SEO experts who have worked for multiple MNCs and ranked on top, irrespective of the updates in search algorithms.

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Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Security  | Software Development Company in Shillong

Mere presence of your product or service online is debatable, at a trade off of security. This is exactly where Codigion is ahead of curve among all the software companies in Shillong. However, we do not confine our service expertise in Cyber Security Solutions just to Shillong but we extend our services across the globe.

Vulnerability assessment and Pentesting are the diverse services provided by Codigion in order to create a secure environment for the customers to practice their business without any flaw. The team of Cyber Security at Codigion are classified security experts with years of real-time experience, with a crystal clear understanding of the network or the application. We have secured the websites of several MNCs avoiding the collateral damage just because of certain vulnerabilities during development. We run various kinds of comprehensive tests in order to figure out the vulnerabilities. Our team are experts in dealing with different tools like Metasploit, Nmap, Wireshark, Aircrack, Nessus and Burpsuite. We strictly we believe in - “The more quieter you become, the more you can hear” - and so are our services and solutions for Cyber Security.

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Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Artificial Intelligence  | Software Development Company in Shillong

Artificial Intelligence is one of the rapidly growing branches of technologies. Not just as a software company in Shillong, but as a service provider for a better technology, Codigion has put most of its efforts in developing its AI solutions. Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech Recognition, Computer Vision and Expert Systems are the services offered by Codigion for time being and we are working on adding other AI services to the crown.

Codigion follows a proven and very successful methodology for development and solutions under the wing of Artificial Intelligence. The methodology has the following steps.

  • Initialization - Acquiring knowledge about the problem statement.
  • Use case discovery - Figuring out the exact approach towards the problem statement.
  • Feasibility study - Determining the worth of implementing AI for the given problem.
  • Prototype Development - Prototype for testing and verification.
  • Productization - A complete product to develop from the prototype, for application.
  • Maintenance - Providing support and maintenance.

This proved methodology helps Codigion to provide the best possible AI services to the customers among all the software companies in Shillong.

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