"We exist to serve you good combination of engineering and artistry."


Complex made simple, the development is as simple as follows:

Requirement Analysis: The business analyst from our team scrupulously analyze your business requirement and submit the detailed analysis to R&D team for further documentation and planning.

Software Architecture: Our software professionals plan appropriate technologies and architecture for the software that is robust, efficient, secure and cost-effective.

Design and Layout: The creative team with exquisite design sense and experience get involved to bring the appealing and psychologically intuitive User Interface and User Experience.

Software Development: Our team of developers, project managers, and team leaders get involved as a team for development, testing, delivery and maintenance to deliver maintainable software with cohesive code structure focused towards high performance, user accessibility, security and smooth integration.

Quality Assurance: We bring articulated QA process with proven testing methodologies to perform well-documented functional, localization and performance testing to keep things transparent with consumers.

Maintenance: We have a full range of maintenance option for our consumers to improve software at work by scaling to emerging business challenges.

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Technology is no barrier with Codigion as always opt to the cutting-edge technology.

Desktop Application Development

Desktop Application can simplify your day-to-day work to excel your business.

Get your custom platform-specific or cross-platform desktop application for Windows, Linux and Mac OS to achieve market competitiveness...more

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Solutions

Machine Learning, Data Science and Deep Learning can give brain to your business which is magical.

Get your custom designed artificial intelligent models for natural language processing, computer vision, speech recognition and video intelligence using the state of art libraries like TensorFlow...more

Web Development Solution

Web Development with good exposure can take your business to its peak.

Get your business online with Enterprise System, Web Portals, e-Commerce or any industry-specific solution ranging from single page app to progressive web applications...more

Software Security

Security is not a precaution, but reputation.

Get your application or network secured from growing cybercrime with Vulnerability Assesment and Penetration Testing as information is a substantial component of any organization...more

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application gets your business to the hand of million people.

Get your custom designed mobile application across popular mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows to offer web, native or hybrid experience across one or cross-platform...more