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Shillong Cyber Club - Hacker's Community

If problem-solving is your ability, this is the opportunity to create a better-connected world by joing our hands in Shillong Cyber Club - Hacker's Community. This includes the categories Software Development, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile App Development, and Website & Web Application Development. The technology is growing rapidly, so are the challenges faced by the technology. These challenges are to be resolved and it takes more creative and smart brains.

Start exercising your brains. It’s time for your creativity, be a developer, a coder, a hacker or a security expert in order to provide solutions. As the usage of the software is exponentially increasing, the need for further improvement of software is always remaining constant. The world would have stopped progressing when the first generation of computers - ENIAC - were tough to suffice. Starting from these ENIAC computers till today’s highly capable and most efficient supercomputers, every challenge faced has been addressed and the process is progressing further. This invitation provides you with a platform that can throttle your ideas and fuel your innovation. The objective of this platform is to gather every person who can contribute to better technology, irrespective of its category.

With all these efforts put forward and well executed, the Shillong Cyber Club community will be able to contribute its part to the technology. The community works with the objective to provide flawless services to the users for making the world a better place to live. In order to maintain the integrity of individual developer and the user, the community was build up with the ideals freedom - to give back to the society and support ideals such as freedom, efficient communication and strong sense of community - any user who uses these contributions should be able to communicate and get the advantage as soon as and as best as possible, and strong sense of community - we are stronger as a community rather than being an individual.

With all these objectives and ideas, we invite all the developers, coders, hackers, tweakers, security experts, network engineers, hobbyists, enthusiasts and everyone across Shillong, who can and who are willing to contribute to technology for exploring the challenges humans are facing and the possible solutions that can address those challenges with help from technologies.

As a community of Hackers contributing to Shillong Cyber Club, we believe - “Together, as a community, we stand taller.”